DESALBOAT: the perfect solution for remote areas


Water scarcity has become a major problem not only in arid regions but also in areas like the Mediterranean region or in islands around the world where access to drinking water is not readily available.

For all these scenarios, where a quick and reliable solution is needed, DESALBOAT can provide drinking water without occupying land or undertaking significant expenditure in infrastructure or civil works.

The design of a desalination plant installed upon a multihull catamaran provides the advantage of mooring in shallow areas such as marinas, ports or beaches.

By employing the use of a self powered vessel, the plant enjoys the flexibility of moving from place to place without the requirement of additional boats or transport.

Desalboat-Brochure-11Through the use of electric engines for propulsion, the catamaran is Eco-friendly as it avoids oil spillage, pollution, etc.

DESALBOAT can reach a coastal area where fresh water is required, and once there, get moored and begin the desalination process supplying fresh water until the needs are satisfied.

Once this is accomplished will navigate, by its own means, to the following location where fresh water is needed, and again repeat the process.

Some, but not all of the applications of DESALBOAT, are:

  • Remote construction sites.
  • Off-shore platforms.
  • Large ships supply.
  • Islands and isolated coastal areas.
  • Emergency catastrophes.